Friday, January 7, 2011

Anything for the Kid

So, I told you that we're in a hotel room, right?

And we don't have much in the way of entertaining ourselves.

All the toys and books are packed away and on a truck somewhere, hopefully reaching us early next week.

A new discovery was made today.

Playette knows I have a belly. So does she. So does her daddy.

But, today, she discovered something new and exciting.

Stretchmarks! And a pooch!

Minutes of fun ensued.

I'm such a giver.


Cate said...

now I'm kinda wondering if you can pop your eyes out. THAT would be cool.

a la this guy:

Anonymous said...

Just happened to check your blog...I am so HAPPY your are back! To blogging that is! I am thinking of you! A hotel room? I hope it's the Four Seasons and you are on the top floor. Happy New Year! xoxo Andrea