Monday, August 24, 2009

Novel Concept

It's not just the disability community that's trying to get folks to see that words can hurt. Check out the PSAs I saw on TV today. Two of the three played back-to-back.

Bravo to celebrities for speaking up and adding their faces to the cause. Who else thinks it would be so easy to just add the r-word in there?

I do.

But the sad thing is that we seem so far from that actually happening. People with cognitive disabilities don't seem to be at the top of very many people's lists these days.


Monica Crumley said...

I totally agree w/ you. How easy it would be to do PSAs about the R-word. I've seen several out there, but none from the TV Ad Council. Have you checked out The dad who made this PSA was at the NDSC and I met him and his precious 8 year old son, Mason, who stars in several of his videos.

Michelle said...

These are awesome!!