Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love. These.

Last Friday, BD and I spent the day listening to Dr. James MacDonald's Communicating Partners seminar. It was amazing and I got a lot out of it. One day when I have the time to condense my three pages of notes, I'll post about it here. As it is, I'm still digesting all the info I gathered at the NDSC Conference, so here's hoping I can keep it all together in my brain.

Suffice it to say that I found what the good doctor had to say potentially life-altering. The timing was perfect as I've been trying to figure out what's best for Playette in the coming year as it pertains to therapies and such.

Add in that I started reading Disability is Natural the other day and I feel even more empowered regarding the choices I want to make for the Littlest. For now at least. I mean, who knows how I'll feel in a year when she transitions out of Early Intervention.

Friday, though? Friday, I felt privileged to be privy to information that I probably never would have heard if my child didn't have what's classified as a disability. It's days like that that make me really grateful.

My Life: It's Complicated.


There's one thing I do know. As I've gotten older, and maybe because I had several opportunities to put these things to use over a short amount of time recently, I've grown to love "Thank You" cards. Really, I do.

When I get them, I save them. Because, honestly? Not enough people say "thank you" anymore. Not even when you give them a gift. So when someone does take the time out of their busy lives to say that something I did was helpful, I really appreciate it and I'd love it if the cards I send do the same for someone else.

A portion of my bookshelf at work with cards (and assorted stress-squeezie-thingees) on display.

It feels good to be appreciated, y'all.

Call me old-fashioned, it's ok, but getting mail? Real mail? (Not bills!) It's just perfect. Especially when it's unexpected.

All that to say, when we were at the seminar on Friday, the local parent's group was selling cards. I bought as many as I could afford right then and there.

I had it on my to-do list to run to Target to buy some more cards after I ran out recently, but these are so much better.

The backstory is that last August, there was a day where a large group of kids with Ds got together and just created. From that, some artwork cards were made.

There are currently four different packs and each pack contains the work of six artists. An adorable photo of the artist at work is on the back of each card. They are being sold for $5 per pack and all proceeds go to support the kids.

They make wonderful gifts for relatives, teachers, therapists, and friends.

So, if you're an old lady like me, or you're looking to turn over a new leaf in the "thank you" department, let me know. If there are enough orders, I may be able to offer a discount for those that buy multiple packs.

If you have a blog and want to post this, feel free. There's enough to go around!

(I would make no money off of this. I just really like the cards and I know that the person who led the effort to make them could use the space in her house back that the boxes of cards currently occupy. Plus, the sooner these sell, the sooner the kids can have an Art Day all over again.)


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Early in my career I attended a seminar that suggested you send a thank you card each day to someone. I have followed that advice for many years, although not everyday but always once a week. It has been a very good feeling and I cannot tell you the number of times it has come back to me as a blessing.