Monday, August 24, 2009

Anatomy of a Bike Trailer

When we moved here, I had a bike. I didn't ride it all that much, but I had it so that should count for something. Then, at the beginning of this year, BD got one too. He's started riding a lot more lately, but we hadn't been able to go together because we lacked a place for the Littlest.

I looked and looked and looked on Craig's List for a trailer. (Those things are expensive!)

I made calls, sent emails.

"Oh, it's sold already. Oops. Maybe I should take that ad down."


Or, mostly, there was just a lot of Nothing.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I saw this ad for a guy selling new trailers wholesale. He lived about two hours from us. Was it worth the risk of a possible scam for what appeared to be the deal of the century month?

Well, we took the plunge and all appears to have gone well. The box arrived at our house as promised and the trailer was put together in short time.

Playette needed a helmet, so BD rushed out and got her one on Saturday, courtesy of the wonderful Nikki P. and the birthday giftcard she sent Playette.

Here she is trying it on for size in the house:

And then in action:

We ended up having a great time. We rode down to the beach, met some friends to play by the water, met up with some more friends and rode over to an art festival, and then parked back at home before heading to gorge on sushi.

Who know Playette would love veggie tempura. Not me!

We logged 7 miles that day. The next goal is to ride a lap around the local race track. I really hope they let trailers on. They better. Shoot!


Michelle said...

What a great trailer! I have the hardest time keeping Ruby's helmet on in our trailer, because it gets pushed into her face. So, we don't use it very often. Maybe next summer ... (famous last words...)

Monica Crumley said...

Awesome job! We're still getting used to the bike trailer. Some days are great, other days not so much. We had to abandon the bike helmet for a little. His head circumf. is too small for the smallest helmet. I guess I need to stuff it with some foam or something.

Khrys Fisher said...

It's like her own little rickshaw! Awesome!

Fatimah said...

okay, now I have no excuse. I stop ridding my bike because I was too lazy to put air in the tires. But, now that I see you and Lea-lea are hitting the streets...well let's just say i am going to put some air in my tires. Best of all, that's great mommy duaghter time!

AZ Chapman said...

I love her purple helment

AZ Chapman said...

I love her purple helment

Alvaro said...

Malea is so hard core in that trainer. Go Malea, go! Dwight, time to take lessons.

Alvaro said...

"trainer" = "trailer"

sheree said...

that's awesome! Maybe I need to bust ours out and spray it off or something. I bet Gabby would dig it. 7 miles?! Go you!