Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coming Up for Air

Hey there.

It's me.

I didn't mean to disappear. Really, I didn't. So let me tell you how it came to be that I did (well, partially, since somewhere along the way I had the foresight to plan a couple of posts in advance).

First of all, BD left me.

Are you still breathing?

Ok, so it was only for a week and it was for a necessary school assignment out at sea, but still. It felt like he was never coming back. I was alone with Playette, which isn't necessarily commonly referred to as an award-winning role for me (no secret that she's a total Daddy's Girl and I sometimes flounder at this whole mama thing), and kept much more busy than I had anticipated.

He left for San Diego on a Wednesday and then Playette and I flew to an oven Phoenix on the following Monday. I had to attend a training conference for my job and luckily BD's grandparents were available to keep the Littlest One while I sat in seminar after seminar after seminar for three days.

It ended up being great for the Greats (grandparents, that is) because they got to spend quality time with Playette and they absolutely fell in love with her in a way that comes from actually being around her. She's intoxicating, let me tell you. Sometimes she may lead you to the desire to actually be intoxicated, but a lot of the time she's just really stinkin' cute. That's my completely unbiased opinion of course. I think the Greats didn't expect such a cool kid and I love that they were pleasantly surprised. And also that she didn't tear their house apart or terrorize the dog...much.

I just remembered that I left out a completely crazy, totally "these kinds of things always happen to me" kind of story, but I'll save that for another day. Promise. It deserves its own post, I think.

So, while we were gone, BD came home. He got to catch up on PTI and enjoy all the chili dogs he wanted with no comments from me, which must have been amazing for him.

Playette and I got back on Thursday night. It was a total shock to the system to go from 110 degrees to 55 over the course of the flight, but we're soldiers. (Actually, we were more like whiny complainers, but "soldiers" sounds better.)

Never fear. We didn't stay home in the cold for long.

Because off to Sacramento we went!

This time we BD drove. After getting home at 11 pm, we quickly re-packed (more summer clothes, squee!) and went to bed. I wanted to catch up on TiVo, but BD was having none of that. I'm glad he stopped me because 3:30 am came very quickly.

We were out the door by 4 am Friday and just walked back into our house a little while ago.

The conference was a great experience, but I really wish I could have been in a better mood. Honestly, sitting in more seminars was not exactly on the top of my to-do list after the week I had in Phoenix, but we met some great people, got some really good info, and enjoyed ourselves.

Tired, we are.

I'll fill in the details as time permits this week. We've got to get back into the routine and I've got to work on losing the 5 lbs of fast food I gained while traveling.

If you have any questions about the convention, or anything really, let me know and I'll get to answering them.

If any new friends have made your way here....WELCOME!


AZ Chapman said...

can not wait to read more when are u going to the aqairum again.

Sonia said...

It was great to see you again!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

You are NOT nice! LOL I about passed out when you wrote BD left you! LOL NOT nice at all!!!! LOL I am SO going to steal that sometime! hahaha

Michelle said...

Glad you're finally back! And glad BD came back, too - LOL

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and you had me shocked for moment with BD comment...especially after I saw how cute you, he and baby were together this weekend.
I've got baby's tee in the envelope ready to go. Email me your address so I know where to send it :)

Michelle said...

Welcome back! It does sound like you had a whirlwind trip with lots of seminars! So glad you were able to make it to the convention; and I'm bummed I didn't get to go this year. I hear it's in Orlando next year, so I'm hoping to make that one!

Tell BD I went to a Red Sox game in Baltimore :) (If memory serves me right and he is a Sox fan, I'm pretty sure he was wearing a Sox shirt or hat in one of the pics from your Hawaii vacation!)

Sharon said...

It was so great to meet you and your sweet baby girl. She is full of personality and so much fun!

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