Friday, March 13, 2009

Will Work for Snacks

Or should that be "Will Walk for Snacks"?(!!!)

I knew she could do it. Apparently, she just needed the right motivation. Now, if she were 100% me, I would have known what to break out. But, alas, these are her drug of choice. Surprise, surprise.

BD came home from the session with FNPT today and he had a surprise. Take a look:

I had to debate with myself over whether or not to post this since you get a very unattractive view of my tramp stamp back-fat. But it's all about the kid here. I'm taking one for the team.

And here's the follow-up.

By this time, she was so, so tired. She performed for an hour of PT and then put on a show for me before we even got the idea to film it. And then BD couldn't help get her started because his hands were full with the camera.

But regardless, she took steps. Many, many steps. I saw them with my own eyes. She stood there, went after the cereal in my palm, grabbed it, and ate it.

She knows what she wants and she's going to get it.

Baby Steps.



AZ Chapman said...

wtg M

Tricia said...

totally awesome!

Jen said...


(and I'm still laughing about the tramp stamp comment...hee!)

Ruby's Mom said...

Great job!

Wendy P said...


Mindy said...

Yay Lea!!!!!!!!

Sonia said... all you need is a cat for her to chase after!

datri said...

Oh, I just LOVE it!!

Michelle said...

AWESOME!! Love those baby steps!!

Signe said...

look at her go!!!! that is so exciting and I loved seeing her on tape! I have no doubt that food will be the motivation for Lauren when it comes time for her to walk! So glad I got to see this!

sheree said...

woooooooot! I love it!

And PLEASE, You are so adorable. Back fat? Psshhh!