Monday, July 7, 2008

Cotton? China?...Cosmos Seeds?!

Do you know what today is?

In preparation for this day, I did some research. I honestly was wondering what tradition said about second anniversaries, so I went to my go-to, Google, to check it out. Some of stuff is classic so I decided to share. My comments are included.


By the time a couple celebrates their second anniversary, they are more cozy with one another, making cotton the appropriate anniversary gift for this wedding anniversary celebration.
[Flannel gets such a bad rap. And does it really take 2 years to get to cotton? And how does that correspond with year 1 being paper? Who makes this stuff up?]

Here are some second wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose cotton or china gifts associated with your 2nd marriage anniversary.

2nd Anniversary Traditional Gift :
Cotton. As a material, cotton is both durable and versatile. These are both important qualities in a successful marriage. Cotton has also been known as a symbol of great prosperity.

2nd Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:
China. Many people describe love as being elegant and beautiful. In the same way many people view love, china is seen as elegant and beautiful, too.
[How many think BD would enjoy receiving this as a symbol of our love?]

2nd Anniversary Gemstone:

2nd Anniversary Color:

2nd Anniversary Flower:

The meaning of the cosmos flower is modesty.

Ways to Celebrate Your 2nd Anniversary:

Plan a Cotton Club themed evening together and listen to jazz music.

Plan a movie night and watch your wedding video.
[We are so doing this. Get ready, BD. ]

Get tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together.

Make crafts out of cotton balls and frame them.
[Ok, so I made that one up.]

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 2nd Anniversary:
Cotton gloves.
[For the tea we can use the china we bought each other, of course.]

Cotton handkerchiefs or bandannas.

Cotton T-shirts.

Cotton plush towels.

Canvas shopping bag or book bag.
[Go Green!]

Cotton table cloth, napkins or place mats.

Nifty looking cotton socks.
[Hee! I already have socks with monkeys on them. Maybe I can wear them to the tea party.]

Cozy cotton his and hers bathrobes.

Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.
[This I can agree to.]

Rope hammock.
[It's too daggone cold to hang around outside!]

China plates.
[Hook 'em!]

China figurines.
[For Playette to break.]

Garnet jewelry.

Gift Suggestions to Make for your 2nd Anniversary:
Put together a gift basket that has a variety of Cosmos seeds, along with a pair of cotton garden gloves, and a coupon on red paper stating your willingness to help plant the seeds.
[Sweet for some folks, I guess, but we are so not those folks.]


Happy Anniversary, BD!

Next year? Leather.


missdona said...

Happy happy to the both of you. Tomorrow? Canada.

missdona said...

No no-- yesterday was Canada. Tomorrow is Tokyo.