Monday, March 10, 2014

Making It Happen: Discover Community School

Do any of you watch Parenthood?

I do. Love it. If you don't, it's totally worth adding to your list of good TV options.

I used to cry at least a little during every episode. It's just that good.

Part of what really got to me is that one of the families depicted has a child with autism and the parts about the frustration and the joys and the waiting and the therapy and the...well, almost everything...just really hit home.

And the love and sincere connections they all have with one another? Yeesh. I'd like some more of that, please.

Over time, I went from wanting to be any Braverman to wanting to be Christina Braverman, specifically.

Why that character?

Well, because she's strong. She's been through a lot. And she doesn't compromise when it comes to her kids. If something doesn't exist, she creates it.

Which is exactly what my friend, Stephanie Willson, is doing by starting Discover Community School in Tampa, FL.

Discover is an independent private school for children with cognitive disabilities and their typical peers. Their purpose is to support every learner, to meet children at their ability and offer project based learning by differentiating curriculum, playing to students strengths and providing a home school like environment.

While Steph has the knowledge and the drive, she, unfortunately, does not independently possess all of the funding required to complete such a huge undertaking. She's a wife, mother, friend, and a fantastic photographer (remember these?) with a huge heart, but that only goes so far when you need a commercial lease.

For that reason, Discover has an indiegogo campaign going on right now. Click here for more info.

I know there are a lot of really good causes out there and most of us can't give to everything. But if you can, please do.

Or maybe you know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who could benefit from attending this kind of school? Tell them about it. Tweet it. Put it on Facebook. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for reading, y'all.


Becca said...

It sounds wonderful! Just shared it on FB. Good luck to her!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Becca, for sharing it! We can use all the sharing we can get, and every bit helps us reach our goal.

Chrystal, I have to say HUGE thanks to you, for sharing, for donating, and just plain old being my friend. I appreciate all you've done, and I'm glad you're on my side.

krlr said...

I can deal with the FB rejection, lady. But I'm catching up on my reading and am sad to see this line in my reader is empty. I miss you!