Tuesday, November 6, 2012

True Story

Scene: Yesterday, Bed Bath & Beyond (We call it "Triple B" around these parts.)

I walked up to Customer Service because I was in a hurry and don't know the store layout well.


Me: Excuse me. Could you please point me in the direction of the glasses?

CS: You mean eyeglasses?


*tumbleweeds blow by as I cock my head to the side and wait*

"Is she serious?" I wonder.

She is.

Me: No. I would like to purchase drinking glasses.

CS: Oh. Uh. Go around that way and they'll be on your left.


Am I the only one who does not go to Triple B for corrective lenses?

Please enlighten me.

Also? Why do I leave the house, ever?


Becca said...

Okay, feeling sheepish here...first thing I thought of was eyeglasses...LOL

Anonymous said...

The do have some pretty spiffy "readers" there, just sayin...but at BBB 1st guess from sales associate should be drinking glasses.

Tara said...

LOL! Awesome.

ckbrylliant said...

this made me laugh out loud. And even though I have only met you once, I could just picture you standing there with tumbleweeds blowing by and your head all tilted....!!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

this just confirms my "all people are idiots" stance