Sunday, November 18, 2012

The 700 Club

Apparently, this is my 700th blog post.

That's a lot of rambling over 4+ years.

Nothing profound this evening. I just wanted to do a quick update on the nightlight sitch.

I am super tired and not feeling well, so when the kids go down in a bit, I plan to head right to bed myself.

And then there's no school tomorrow. Gah.

But! I get to go to a Parent-Teacher Conference.

What is that even like when your kid has an IEP? I mean, I've had full-on meetings with the teacher several times so far. Should I just bring donuts and ask her if she watches The Real Housewives to pass the time? Or will we really have things to talk about that aren't the type of things that come up in a team meeting?

I guess that's possible.

But I still want donuts.


The nightlight, round 1.

It's supposed to take like a week to brainwash your kid with this thing completely, so we're obviously not prodigies or slackers because it didn't work. Playette woke up twice. Once at 5 am and again an hour later. The alarm was set for 6:15. We really wanted to set it for 7 (or much later, natch), but the idea is to gradually increase the duration over time so that it's realistic and attainable. That didn't keep us from wanting to cheat though. So we went with the "happy" medium of 6:15. Tonight, we move it to 6:30. In a perfect world, I'd be able to sleep until at least 6:45 during the week. Don't even get me started on my weekend wishes.

While she did wake up and come in our room, she was redirected by BD and that kinda nipped the "party all the time" atmosphere in the bud. Her room didn't look like a rock star hotel debacle by the time I walked by later on.

So that's progress.


Cate said...

Do you have school at all this week? sheesh.
Parent/Teacher conferences for us have been actually really data-heavy. Like they do various assessments on all the kids, and they talk about how they're doing. I was kind of shocked at the first one we went to for William, when she started talking about reading scores and stuff.

Lisa said...

I find that I still learn a lot and get new information with the formal parent-teacher conferences. Hope you get good donuts :)

Alison said...

Whew--bedtime stuff pushes buttons for me. I can get freaked out by bedtime in a way that almost NOTHING else in my life freaks me out. My therapist has asked why, and I don't know. At any rate, I'm learning that it's a process and I have to respect the process. Challenging!

I use time with the teachers to talk about all kinds of classroom stuff: who is Maybelle playing with? What's her behavior like in comparison to other kids her age? What are things we can be doing at home to reinforce stuff at school, and also here are strategies that work at home that you should try at school. I usually find them very helpful.