Monday, January 30, 2012

Ok, so...

I try not to blame what I feel or do on my pregnancy. You know, with the whole hormones and forgetfulness stuff.

I said try.

But if I were in the blaming mood, maybe this one would fit the bill:

You know how I asked if we should go back to gymnasstics?

I was truly, honestly thinking that we had one Wednesday left in January.

I didn't know that Wednesday is February first until FNPT reminded me of that fact.


Since we got the boot effective the end of January, tomorrow, I guess that's a pretty easy decision, huh?

Plus, I have to go to a class at the Pediatrician's office that night anyway.


It feels almost too easy.

I didn't realize that that last "Say thank you and goodnight to Ms. M," was truly the last time.

It's kinda bittersweet.

But don't think I won't be alerting our local group and writing reviews.

Because I so am.

Like I said the other day - NOT COOL.

Thank you all so much for your feedback on this issue!


Becca said...

Go get 'em!! Sorry you didn't get your last hurrah in person. :-(

krlr said...

Ahhh... the power of the internet. Review away!

Anna said...

she didnt give it her best, didnt uphold the agreement. Its not your fault. You shouldve been the one telling her you were done with it all. I pray there is something even better just waiting on yall. Keep looking.

Molly said...

damn straight woman! definitely write a review!