Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discipline, etc.

When I got home from work today, I was told by our trusty babysitter that apparently Playette showed her entire behind both at school all day and during her PT session.

My guess is that she was expressing her pisstivity that her dad has been away again. He's on his way home now (take that, crazies who may be lurking), but that didn't seem to be enough to keep her content throughout the day.

So. What to do. I was mad, sure, but how do I address this with her so long after it took place?

I mean, in my day, I would have been spanked from here to eternity for such behavior. My approach has been a little different. We do time outs. We have conversations. It feels strange since this isn't how I was raised, but I have been trying. Actually, we have been trying. BD is definitely a full partner in this entire endeavor.

In all honesty, Ds is not even a factor. We just do what we think is best to do. We certainly don't give her any leeway because of her diagnosis. This girl understands right from wrong and we hold her accountable for her actions. Typically, it pays off because she's a pretty well-behaved and ultra-polite kid most of the time.

Today, I asked her to join me on the bottom step and we had a little chat. I kept my voice even and calm and tried to recall tidbits I've learned from watching experts on TV. I told her that I was disappointed in her behavior and that she promised me that she would be a good girl at school. What she exhibited was the opposite of what we had agreed to and that made me angry.

She started baaawwwwling.

"Well," I thought, "It seems like she gets the point."

So I told her to stay on the step until I told her otherwise.

She lost it some more.

I called BD, who was sitting in an airport in NY. He chatted with her for a while.

In all, she might have sat on that step for slightly more than the customary four minutes.

But, trust me, this is progress in my world. I never expected to even entertain an approach like this.

So. Gold star for me.


In other news, I hit the Dirty 30s today. I wish I meant my age, but I mean weeks of pregnancy.


Also, we got the boot in gymnastics. Her last class will be next week. Apparently, I had the nerve to approach the teacher about her allowing another class to disrupt our class and she didn't like that. I'll have to elaborate more on that later. It really is a crop of crap, but I'd rather it be over than have to deal with the angst I was feeling each week. I could not have been nicer when I spoke with her, but she still decided to be offended for whatever reason. Why am I surrounded by wack-a-loons?

What sucks the most is that my conversation also impacts another child/family since the teacher didn't just cancel for Playette, she cancelled the class. Period. So now we have two cuties in hot pants and leotards with no plans for Wednesday nights.

We'll find them something better. Hmph.


Not a Perfect Mom said...

poor Playette crying...*sadface*
and that gymnastics teacher? seriously a crazy bitch...

Cate said...

ooh, i want to hear about the gymnastics story. that sounds like a good one.

yay (?) for crying playette! this story gives me hope.