Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'il Mama

In as many ways as we are just like the Cruise-Holmes' and the Cannon-Careys', we do differ from them in one way.

(side note: Don't you just love the internet? I totally could be writing this from my Malibu mansion or my NYC penthouse or my junky guestroom/playroom/office in someplace much less exciting. You just never know!)

We don't have our own ultrasound machine.

But we do have a doppler.

And Playette loves to listen to the babies with it.

Yeah, there are two.

You didn't know?

Mine and hers.

She was way intense last night and wouldn't talk to me much on the video. I never planned to record her, she was just concentrating so hard that I figured why not since we were sitting there for a while and all.


Becca said...

Okay, I'm seriously cracking up here...sooooo funny!!! (And so ridiculously cute, she is...)

Michelle said...

I had one of those when pg with Kayla :) Oh I miss that girl of yours! (as if I see her *all* the time!) She looks like she's getting so tall. Loved all her 'yeah' answers, she sounded so serious. Are you guys going to DC in July for convention?

Wendy P said...

OH, I love that kid. She's so awesome. She is going to be the BEST big sister.