Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teeth Update. Yes, Again.

Ok, so if you've followed along on this saga, you're well aware of my obsession with Playette's teeth.

Just like the scary book said, they have come in out of order, misshapen, and delayed.

I guess that book was right about something after all. Maybe I should go back and read it now that I'm not a complete basketcase like I was around this time four years ago.

You know, that book should come with a warning label:
Not to be read until you know your kid as a person first.

Or something.



The teeth.

She's been missing two on the bottom for a long, long time now.

Things I've read said that children with Ds could have baby teeth come in up to age four.

But is that like 48 months or 59 months and some change?

They don't say.


Actually, I just went back and checked and that source says that the first tooth can come in that late. It didn't mention how long it would take to get them all.

So here I was, fretting that at 3 years and 366 days, my kid still didn't have some of her pretty obvious chompers.

Only recently did I discover that she's not alone in missing those two teeth.

That brought the total of children I knew with that particular smile to...two.

But! Not alone! That was key.

I've asked multiple dentists over the past couple of years, and they all thought they were in there and we shouldn't worry.

I even bugged a friend's husband while we were eating lunch last summer.

"Could you maybe, please, just take a teensy look?"

I also asked for x-rays.

Not at lunch. I mean, at an actual appointment with Playette's dentist.

But the overall consensus was to wait. If she had the teeth, they would come. If she didn't, they wouldn't.




I guess that makes sense.

So we sat back and waited and I tried my best to ignore it. I mean, honestly, at one point way back when, I wasn't even sure if I'd recognize my daughter with teeth since she had spent so long without any at all. I figured if we could make it past that ok that this too should pass and become a "remember when...?"

This past weekend, while we lounging and letting the summer soak in, I saw something poking through. I originally thought it was both teeth, but now I'm not so positive. It's at least one for sure.


This whole teething for 3+ years thing? Tired.

But at least she has never seemed bothered by it at all.

Totally my issue.


Me said...

Been there!!! Kaia was missing her top eye teeth forever. They finally came in at age 4 3/4, then about 6 months later started LOSING her teeth! Not the ones that came in, the ones that normally fall out around age 6 or so! Seriously! If they come in late, shoudn't they fall out late??

LLPirate said...

Yippee!!! A new tooth or maybe two. Question what does it mean if I still have two baby teeth? Yep genetics once again:)

rastagalNJ said...

Oh that "scary" book, yeah I had to put that sucka down with the quickness. It frightens me every time I think I am a brave enough to read it. As for the teeth, all Tatiana's have come in but they are kinda weird. Some are shap like they have been filed to a deadly point...which means her bites hurt like he**.

Wendy P said...

I swear to you, just YESTERDAY, I told Liz that I should revisit the scary book now that my perspective has changed. (because ya know Liz is like my neighbor now and we totally had a 6 hour playdate!)

Alison said...

It's time for some new books. These publications that are all "here are the 47 things you should worry about that MIGHT happen in the next 60 years" are pointless. I might go so far as to say they're offensive! We do NOT need a scary book.

Perhaps I'll write a blog post about that.

But congratulations on the teeth! Here's a random story: the (typical) son of one of my friends knocked out his front teeth at age 3, and the dentist said just wait until the permanent teeth grow in. So for years and years I knew this child as someone with no front teeth. It was wild when he turned 9 and got front teeth!

krlr said...

We're missing a tooth too! One of the bottom front ones... and some of her other teeth are dagger sharp. AND her molars came in first which I suspect triggered the teeth grinding which hasn't stopped yet, at almost-3. That sound is... not one my child's more endearing qualities. Funny stuff.