Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loose Ends

Ugh. So maybe this is why I don't have a bazillion followers...I am THE QUEEN of not wrapping up a friggin' story. That has to be annoying.

Yeah, so last year I dangled stuff about our very interesting Costa Rican vacation. Several times. Did I ever post about it? No.

And, more recently? The stuff about being visited by Beth and Hannah? Yup, dropped that ball, too.

Oh, and I know that at least a couple of people are wondering about our situation with the school district and placement for next year...the truth about that is that I can't even bring myself to type it out. It's painful and I swear I can feel my blood pressure increasing every time I think about it. I have a physical this weekend, so I really need to stay sorta calm before I get kicked out of the reserves.

But I promise you this: I'll talk about it. I just won't write it out. That should at least be quicker to do and thus have less of an impact on my body. Right? Let's hope so.

So, a vlog it will be.

Just give me a chance to brush my teeth, shower, comb my hair, and figure out the stupid camera, k?

This may take a while.

Someone slap me if I show up with lip gloss on and freshly threaded eyebrows. Because that is not real life. I'm just trying to hold myself accountable here.


Oh! So if there's anything else you'd like me to wrap-up, please let me know. Any other questions are cool, too.


LLPirate said...

I'd like to hear about how starting this blog has opened up this whole new community that three years ago you didn't know was out there. I like the new media idea too!

Me said...


And btw, you wouldn't by any chance be on the same army base that we visited for 4th of July weekend would you?

My Plate Is Full said...

I found your blog because as a mother of a child with physical and learning disabilities… I am always interested in hearing the stories of others and how they have coped with raising a ‘special’ child. I recently saw a film called ‘Dakota’s Pride’ which showed the MANY wonderful blessings children with Down syndrome bring to this world. I can’t even express to you how moved I was by this film! I was amazed by all of their accomplishments… one young man with Down syndrome even graduated from college, drives his own car and is an advocate for other adults with Down syndrome! I know you get to experience these many wonders on a daily basis, but I thought I would share the following link for the video. I hope you can check it out!

krlr said...

Selfishly waiting (teasing *cough*) to hear about school. But since you asked, the reserves. Definately. That's a whole new level of discipline I don't have.