Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of Character

So, last week, when I was feeling all motivated about the NDSC Conference, I checked Kayak and saw a pretty good price for tickets. Well, as good as they come these days. Flying is 'spensive!

"Ah, cool. I'll go back and get those later."

[cue the laughter of the universe]

Of course, when I went back, the tickets had gone up over $100. Each.

And since BD needs to come home a little earlier for work, his ticket was already more than ours to begin with.


To put it mildly.

Seriously. I was pissed like someone had stolen the money out of my bank account. In my mind, I knew that I never had the tickets to begin with, but still. I mourned the loss of that money and all that I could have done with it. Like buy really big cupcakes.

Thus began the obsessive checking and re-checking of Kayak.

I put a daily reminder on my phone, but there was really no need. All on my own, I checked as soon as I woke up, before I went to bed, and sometimes in between.

My chest got all stabby as the prices kept going up and up and up.

I began feeling bad about registering for the conference because, if I hadn't, we could just bow out gracefully, right?


And then this morning it happened. The clouds parted and a fare that was $5 less than the first elusive one popped up. BD's ticket had gone back down as well. Oh Happy Day!

They're still 'spensive, but what're you gonna do?

I bought them.

And it took forever, what with all the verifying and extra security measures that you have to go through. They also threw in the need for yet another password to use my debit card and I had no freaking clue what that was so I had to recreate it and then, of course, I remembered the last one when I tried to make that my password and they were all "you already used that one." Ugh.

But, anyway, we're going. For sure now. On an aeroplane. Or six.

That's what I get for trying to do stuff all early.

And I know that I need to take the Kayak app off of my phone immediately because if the prices go down again? I.WILL.LOSE.IT.

As a reminder, for anyone heading that way, there are discounts available on AirTran (20%) and American (5%). Not that I got to use either one. *grumble grumble* is Day 10 of Insanity, in case you were wondering. This whole ticket thing kept me from working out....What? Do it now? But, but...Fine then.

I'm pouting again.

I still want a cupcake.


Lacia said...

Never heard of Insanity before. I checked it out, and it's, well, INSANE! No way could I do that.

Michelle Z said...

Did you mean to iPout? That made me giggle!!

Lisa said...

So excited to see you in San Antonio! I used miles and I HATE how many miles I had to use... argh.