Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  • I finally registered for the NDSC conference. Funny that I said "finally" when it's wayyyy before the deadline for when the price goes up. It's usually more my style to wait until then.

  • I guess that's why we still don't have plane tickets. Procrastination FTW!

  • Someone I was friends with a long time ago died in a way that makes me very sad to think about. A lot of fun memories have come back to my mind since finding out that his life was cut short. I remember that my mother really liked him and that makes me smile. I also remember how pissed my mother was when the group of us "borrowed" her car and drove to the place that I now live and stayed overnight. If my child is like me when she's 18, I totally deserve it.

  • Laughing makes me feel better.

  • I have way too many papers in my house. They are in piles. Everywhere. And include lots of unopened mail.

  • I will be 35 in 45 days. That makes me think of a lot of things.

  • Like, "What can I accomplish before then?"

  • And Advanced Maternal Age. *gag*

  • By the way, I started Insanity yesterday.

  • The Fit Test made my calves ache.

  • I'm scared to do today's workout.

  • Playette started Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy last Thursday. Today is day 2. They're still in the "getting to know each other" phase. What I like so far: it's at our house. What I don't like so far: 3 hours a day, twice a week is a lot for this mama! If you have any experience with ABA, please feel free to share.

  • Playette continued going to her new school, the less-shiny place that we have to pay for, while I was on reserve duty. They took pictures. They are hilarious. I can't bring myself to toss the proofs even though I have no intention of purchasing them. Ever. Never.

  • She's still enrolled in public school. She will obviously not be receiving an award for Perfect Attendance since, well, she hasn't been there in a month and we're still plan-less for moving forward. PoTY!

  • But if she does go back? She's allowed to be picked up in front of our house again. I wonder what my landlord said to the board, exactly, to get them to switch up.

  • This neighborhood isn't all bad. They had Margarita Friday at the clubhouse last week and we got the opportunity to meet some nice neighbors. Apparently, we have more than our share of Navy SEALs in this little enclave. I think that's pretty cool.

  • Job hunting isn't fun, but I continue to do it. Just like laundry.

  • I have the most amazing video of my kid doing something but I can't post it because of pervs on the web. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Or come to San Antonio in August and ask me to show you on my phone.

  • Are we really going to San Antonio in August?!

  • I've been cooking a lot more. BD bought me a food processor and it's awesome and so much easier that actual cutting. Yay!

  • Every time I add another bullet, I'm really just trying to avoid working out.

  • Ok, fine...


Monica said...

Hey Chrystal, I haven't been here in soooo long that I just Love your new blog design (don't tell me you've had it for the past year!) Love the procrastination bullets, too. PS: 35 is *wonderful* and I'm jealous LOL! See you in TX!

Lisa said...

Just curious why ABA? What are they working on? Yeah, behavior, I get that ;-) but what?