Monday, May 30, 2011


We continue to stay busy over here, taking full advantage of the ushering in of summertime activities.

First, there was our first beach day yesterday.

It was a great time, thanks in part due to our meeting of another mom out there with her twin boys who happened to be very close in age to Playette. The kids really enjoyed one another and the other mom was of the more-awesome-than-I-am variety because she had an abundance of snacks. Playette even ate a half-sandwich she was offered. Which is amazing. She doesn't even eat sandwiches! At least not my sandwiches. Hmph.

Turns out that not only did one of the boys have Ds, but he also goes to Playette's school. He's in the morning class and she's in the afternoon. (well, sort of, but it's a holiday, so I refuse to think about the school sitch right now)

Anyway, FUN.

And since then, Miss Playette Keys has been entertaining me with her musical abilities. I figured I'd share a couple of her recent concerts with you.

My girl loves to sing. She's always singing something, whether it's a song on the radio or one of her own composition. Usual lyrics include: Mama, Lea, Daddy, night night, wash hands, let's go, etc.

Many, many thanks for Cate for her wonderful suggestion of the M&D Birthday Cake set. Cate always has the best toy ideas. Like the Alphabet Bus, also a huge hit in this house.

Today, I'm thinking that we may head to the neighborhood pool for a bit. I mean, if I have to wash this child's sandy head and deal with the dramatic hot mess that comes with that action, I need to make it really worth my time and get some chlorine all up in there, too.


To all of the men and women who serve, including my very own BD, I'm proud of you today and every day.


Tracy Moring said...

Love your posts Kittle! They are always so very cute, and up to date with the comments you add. I remember the sand in the hair thingy with you and Nina. I feel for ya... Hope all is well. Give big kisses to the fam.

Alison said...

I'm a new reader of your blog--a friend pointed me in your direction. LOVE the piano video, particularly the end where she turns around and initiates some applause! And I look forward to getting to know your family via the blog.

Rachel said...

Look's like you guys had a great time at the beach. Also I like the piano video its very cute.