Monday, August 9, 2010


There is no update.

The teacher was supposed to call me back regarding Playette moving to the morning session, as we had planned and discussed ad nauseum in June, after a meeting they had about the topic at noon.

That was a long time ago and everyone has long gone home, I'm sure.

I did get a call from the Special Education Student Support Services Director though. Awesome, right? Progress!

Except, she rushed through telling me that they needed us to fill out the transportation paperwork since we failed to do so at the IEP.


She was at our IEP. In her office. Where BD and I filled out every paper they gave us, including one that said we had to allow them to "restrain" our daughter on the bus. I had a problem with that. And then they explained that, basically, the 5-point harness seatbelt was considered a restraint to them and if we wanted her strapped in, we had to agree to it.

I hate being told that I haven't done something when I know good and well that I have. Or vice versa.

She had someone fax me the paperwork - the very same paperwork that the Associate Superintendent confirmed that she had last Thursday - I filled it in, and I faxed it back.

Then, I called the Special Education Student Support Services Director back and told
her voicemail what I had been trying to tell her whilst she kept cutting me off and rushing me off the phone.

The voicemail and I had a much better conversation.

I reminded the voicemail about the restraint paperwork (that we "didn't" fill out *cough cough*) and how if it truly was necessary, could they please send me that to fill out again, too, please?

I mean, if you're going to try to play me, at least send me the complete packet to fill out againsomemore. It's not like I have anything else to do with my life, right?

By the way, I've upgraded to snacking on pita chips and edamame dip.

At least that sounds healthy.

Though I still love me some graham.

Oh, and I ran four miles. Like this situation, it was tortuous, but at least I burned calories.

I also had a very good conversation with an advocate/mom in the place where we may move to next. We chatted about schools and she basically talked me off the ledge. So that was good.

Tomorrow is another day...


Cate said...

sucky suckitude. I'm glad you had someone to talk to (besides voicemail!) and a run, anyway.

doozee said...

ugh, I relate with the paperworkstuff. And bureaucratic baloney.... my least favorite part of disability-dealings.

(also relate on the pita chips and edamame!!)