Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Notebook

Last week was busy as we prepared for the start of preschool. I already mentioned that I didn't have the requested composition notebook on hand the first day and had to improvise, but by Day 2, we were good to go.

Since this was my first time using this sort of thing, you know, a book to communicate with my child's preschool teacher, I thought that maybe I'd start it out. So I wrote her a little note:

"Ms. C,

Playette is very good at learning new things quickly. Please allow her to show you her potential. :)

She can wash hands, clean up, and uses the potty fairly well (we are working on her telling us 100% of the time - she knows the sign for "potty"). She loves to read books and dress up/play pretend. She is such a fun girl!

Today, I provided all of the Thick It that I had left at home. Please let me know when more is needed. She needs one large scoop for every four ounces of liquid.

If anything else is needed, I am happy to provide.

Thank You,

The Mama"


I was totally winging that and probably should have given it more time and attention, but it was five minutes until the bus was due to arrive and I just wanted to get something down. It's hard not to know what's going on during your child's day, especially when they can't tell you in a language that you can understand.


She replied:

"Hi The Mama,

We are seeing great skills. We are definitely going to help her learn more and achieve appropriate shills by practicing and doing them by herself. We will maximize her full potential.

At this point, we are still observing and learning what she can do.

We'll let you know what else she needs.

So far, she is doing great. She is enjoying playing with her friends and vice versa.

She is so adorable.

Ms. C

Note: I'm sending letter for our picture day on August 24th."


Gotta admit, this made me smile.


Nothing else came last week, so today, I wrote again:

"How is Playette doing?
Is she making friends?
Following routines?
Communicating in a way that helps you understand her wants/needs/desires?

Please let me know if a list of her ASL signs would be helpful for you to have.

Thank you! :)"


Reading that now, I sound like a loon.


And the response:

"Hi The Mama,

You can check her progress notes when you pick her up everyday. It's going to be seen next to the sign-in sheet. But be reminded, progress reports will be sent Friday or Monday.

Yes, she's following directions 85% of the time. If not, then we assist her with that. She tells us what she wants and needs right away. She complies to all of our routine and directions. She may at times say "no" but she can easily be redirected.

So far, she's doing great."


Good to hear.

Ok, so I'll back off from being Crazy Lady now.

Thank you, Composition Book. Though your tenure was short, you've served us well.

Bring on the Weekly Reports. WOOT!


The Sanchez Family said...

She's rockin' it out at preschool :)! So happy for her and for you!

Cate said...

I don't think you're being crazy at all.