Thursday, July 29, 2010

You better work!

Surprisingly, I didn't know about this campaign. Congratulations to Solana! It'd be great if she won, sure, but I'm glad to know that she'll get to go to NYC and experience the photo shoot, regardless.

It's nice to have a 1/10 shot at a cover. That's more than I've ever had.

Another part of me wishes she had been chosen by the editorial team, though, and not voters.

Eh. You can't have it all, right?

I think it's important for all children to see themselves reflected in the day-to-day, whether that be in print, film, toys, books, etc. It's just that our kids, Playette and her peeps, most times aren't even considered simply because of the extra chromo. Now, I understand not being what they're looking for - shoot, I've watched more ANTM than I should admit - but that's not really the case here. I'm just looking for an equal opportunity. This is coming from a mom who realizes that my kids has plenty of strikes against her as it is. Black, female, "disabled"...and she's 3!


If you're interested in a talent agency that specializes in supporting people with Ds or other developmental disabilities, learn more here.