Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Settled

I know it may seem like we're always jumping up and going somewhere, and I guess if I only read my own blog, I'd think the same, but honestly? We sit around doing nothing a lot. More than I like most of the time.

But I'm actually looking forward to doing that for a little while because the past month has been craaaazy.

First, the party, then a wedding, then Costa Rica, then my friends up and surprised me, followed by a change in my work schedule, and then we were off to the NDSC Convention.

Yup, we went.

And had such a good time!

For those of you that have been on the fence about it, let me encourage you to attend. Sure, it's an awesome opportunity to learn more about the Ds community and the latest in outreach, research, and opportunities, but what I love even more is the fellowship. It's almost like there are no strangers, just people that have either been there or are headed your way so it's easy to start conversations. What can I say? I just love hanging with my peeps. I like being in a place where when I say my child is 3 years old, I don't get quizzical looks or rude comments.

Plus, there are special activities for siblings and young adults, as well as info that pertains to just about any group of friends, family members, or caregivers.

Next year, the conference is San Antonio bound from 5-7 August 2011. We hope to see you there.

I'll do a recap soon, but I just wanted to come and dip my toe back into the blog pool and remind myself that it's still a comfy place to be.


Lisa said...

welcome back... the water is mighty nice :)