Thursday, July 8, 2010


Cool, ocean breezes
Meet skunk stench in the window
Sleep on hold again

Last night, after we dined at a restaurant that we've been talking about going to for nearly three years now, in celebration of our 4th wedding anniversary, we were tired.

I had spent the entire day with that anxious, stomach all balled up feeling that only extreme stress can bring, so Tums and Top Chef sounded like an awesome way to wrap up the night.

Plus, BD had carried me over the threshold because I annoyed the crap out of him about not doing it four years ago, so, yeah, content. It was so romantical. Until he took off running across the living room with me in his arms. That was not only impressive, but also funny.

Then, at about 2am, I jumped out of bed and started running towards Playette's room while screaming, "Do you smell that?!"

Sometimes I wish that I had a camera on me 24/7 because I probably am a funny person to watch. I do some really interesting things.

Thankfully, over all my hysteria, I heard my husband grumble for me not to wake up the Littlest and that it was "only" a skunk.

Ok, so yay for the house not burning down like I thought, but skunk?



After I sprayed Lysol and lit a candle and closed the window nearest where I decided the skunk had exploded, I tried to go back to sleep.

As it then smelled like a skunk dipped in Lysol that just happened to be sipping on fruit punch, I buried my head in my pillow, gagged, and wrote poetry in my head.

Because that's like counting sheep to me.

The air comes in, whoosh
The skunk drops a nighttime deuce
Will the gagging stop?

Today marks:
Day 3 of "Toilet Learning"
Night 4 of Toddler Bed



Ojibirish10 said...

I love reading your blog, you crack me up! I needed a good laugh tonight, thank you so much :)

sheree said...

oh my Lord. My children may wake up due to my obnoxious laughter. You kill me.

The Hapa Girl said... this is what I miss in the absence of being away from the computer...a skunk!!! LOL Though, the Haiku was nice!