Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better than Southfork

First off, how cute are they?!

It's hard for me to write about a trip to Dallas without humming the theme song to the TV show in my head simultanously. Allow me to share my earworm with you:

So, about a month ago, that's where we were. Dallas.

And it snowed. A lot. Like, record breaking, flight-canceling, bring your heaviest coat kinda snow.


I had forgotten that even though Playette was born in Snowville, USA, she hadn't actually lived there long enough to experience it.

Well, she tolerated the Dallas snow. Didn't love it by a long shot, but was interested enough to shuffle through the slush a little. Which was better than her mama. I greatly preferred staying inside near the fire or wrapped up in the nearest blanket. I've been hugely spoiled by our lack of real winters the last couple of years.

We were there for a couple of reasons. My good friend, L, inspired us to want to come and see the NBA All-Star game and we took that as a great opportunity to meet the lovely Wendy and her family.

We arrived on Thursday night, slightly delayed due to the weather. Since it was late and icky out, we stuck near the place we were staying and partook of some Irish Nachos and other delicacies at a local spot. By the way, because I know you're wondering, those're potato wedges under all that cheese and stuff. Yum.

On Friday, we got up and went to meet the fam. So. Much. Fun. The kids enjoyed each other right away and it was nice to sit and talk to Wendy in real life. Because usually she's imaginary and lives inside my computer. I think we stared at each other a lot in the beginning, trying to make sure that we weren't living in the neighborhood of make-believe.

We had pizza for lunch and then went downtown to the All-Star Jam Session. This was all about the kiddos. They played and danced and I chased down taco hats and won sweatbands in a push-up contest. Because that's how I roll.

We wore ourselves and the kids out, so the next day while Dads 1 & 2 were at work and the movies, respectively, the rest of us enjoyed the food court all that the mall had to offer.

Sidenote: What do I miss by living in a small town? The food choices. Can you believe that we don't have a food court here?! No waffle fries, no sweet tea, no cherry limeaid. *sigh*

While watching the kidlets at the play area, W and I decided that we had earned ourselves a nice dinner in Ft. Worth. Because, in case you haven't noticed, it's all about the food company of your friends.

We had fun. Have you ever heard of margaritas? They are good.

After (ahem) sleeping in on Sunday and checking out of our adorable B&B cottage, back to W's we went. There was frito pie there. I almost moved in.

But then I remembered that we had a game to go to, so while W and Crew entertained Playette for us, BD and I went off to the amazing Cowboy's Stadium and proceeded to enjoy a fantastic Valentine's Day evening.

It was The Awesome.

Let the countdown to the next visit begin.


Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVED watching that hug unfold... and seeing you in a taco hat with a FIERCE look on your face.

Wendy P said...

Hurry back! I needed to see this this morning - thank you! ;)

ks_kristi said...

Man you are killing me with these posts! I am so missing the two of you!!! I love how you captured that hug and that hat, you are a hoot as always!

sheree said...

um, yeah...I'll be moving into your suitcase next time you go ;)

Michelle said...

oh what a fun get together! and I loved the peek-a-boo and hug on the chair. Playette is looking like such a big girl these days!