Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer's On Vacation

I am such a summer person. I was born in the summer. I could swim before I could walk. I don't mind sweating. I feel better about myself when I'm just a shade or two darker, sun-kissed if you will.

And here I am in a place where the average summer temperature is what? 65 degrees?

I just checked and we're actually on par with Anchorage, AK today. Yes, I'm obsessed, but seriously...when you think of California, you think of sunny, right? Pfftt.

At least we have the ocean.

Mind you, it's too cold to actually get in the water, but it's there.

It's supposed to be up to 69 on Friday. That's honestly the best we've got to look forward to in the 10 day forecast.

I hope I didn't just scare anyone off from visiting. It's supposed to be nice in the fall, I heard. Snerk.

Oh, and Jessica Simpson and Randy Travis are the headliners at the county fair in August. It just doesn't get much better than this, folks.


Oh, maybe it does...

As I sit here listening to Malea and her daddy play while she takes a bath (this takes skill - there are days when she acts like baths are painful), a smile crosses my face and lingers for a while. I just have to take a moment to pause and take it in. I am queen of multi-tasking (albeit not so well at times) and rushing around trying to get things done. I'm forcing myself to enjoy the moment just a little more often. BD isn't afraid to be silly and do whatever it takes to make the Littlest laugh. He is so going to be her first love and I couldn't be happier about that.

I made it though my second day back at work today. Overall, I'm feeling much, much better. So much so that after BD got done with Lea at speech therapy (ST), they came and picked me up and we all headed to the farmer's market. As much as I bag on living in a small town, I love that market, dang it! We strolled down the main street, people watching ("I know that lady did not just stick her finger right in the olive oil sample? Ewww!"), taking in the sights and smells, buying a little Korean Barbeque, Indian, and Vietnamese food to bring home and enjoy. And I've never had better strawberries.

I guess I can deal with wearing a sweater in the summer for that.



miri said...

I'd love to trade weather with you!