Tuesday, February 12, 2013



That's what she yelled down the stairs to me.

Loudly and deliberately.

My heart swelled as I stopped feeding Dez and walked towards the sound of her voice.

I started to reflect. "She shows so much affection, but could this be the first time she's ever said those three words unsolicited? Maybe? Not with a 'too' at the end? Wow! What a glorious milestone! I don't ever want to forget this moment."

I got to the bottom of the kitchen steps and looked up to where she was standing on the landing.

My sweet girl.

She loves me! She said so!

She stood there shirtless and began to speak again.

"I love you. Help me with pants, please, mommy?"

Oh, yeah. That little buckle thing.

Hmph. A love-for-help bribe.

I'll still take it.


Becca said...

Ooooh, I love her, too!!!! That is the *best* feeling, EVER. Even when it is accompanied by a request. :-)

amber malmberg said...

So cute!

Lori (mom of Katie and Nick) said...

An early Valentine!