Friday, September 9, 2011

For My Next Trick...

I've been quiet again, for good reason.

It's not that I try to be busy. Or that I'm looking to win the Craziest Life Award.

Really, I'd be ok with a little boring normalcy, trust.

So, today, I finished my second week at work. I can't really say second full week because week one got a late start due to the hurricane that came through this area and then week two started with a holiday. Add to that the fact that we got out early last Friday and I had to take off at noon today and I'm really not looking forward to the whole five-day, forty-hour work week thing.

To back up a little bit, after the earthquake and the hurricane (we evacuated for 3+ days, but our house was pretty much untouched), I started work and then BD left for Norway.


Like, 6-hour time difference Norway.

I have been one super-tired mama.

School did start in the midst of all of that, too, but since we decided to keep Playette at her current school full-time and out of the district entirely, it truly felt like any other day. I really did think about the whole cute outfit and picture thing, but, yeah. That didn't happen. It was more like, "Pre-K! Yay! Ok, see you later."

BD got home late last night. I know this because at some point, I woke up gasping for air, in a state of fear-shock because someone was in my bedroom, and about 10 seconds later, I recognized him.

It was a long ten seconds.

I was really out of it though. I had been feeling bad for about 24 hours at that point, so I think I grunted my muted version of "Babe, I missed you soooo much! Welcome home! Muah, muah, muah!" and went back to sleep.

We talked some in the morning, but not much. I was rushing and he was getting Playette ready since he didn't have to go in to work.

That. Felt. Awesome.

Having help, I mean.

I had missed my parenting partner and dreamed of what mornings would be like with two of us to split the workload.

Anyway, I went to work, suffered through the morning, and finally realized that what was going on with my body could be classified under Not OK.

I drove myself to the urgent care down the street and by the time I got there, I was walking lopsided. When I got to the desk, I broke down in tears.

That was a very bad idea.

Because the stabbing pain in my chest then got way worse and I couldn't breathe or talk.

That's one way to skip the line.

Not that there was one, but still. I had kinda made myself top priority, regardless.

Diagnosis: Walking Pneumonia

This really hurts, yo.

I'm down for the weekend.

Let's hope that's it.

The killer irony in all of this is that I've been placed in a trailer at work for the next year during a remodel. I've been smelling an odor in there and inquired about it right away, based on my past upper-respiratory issues and all I've heard about these things being death traps. I told my boss yesterday that I wasn't meaning to be a pest right out the gate, but that it would really suck if I started getting stabby chest pain and ended up out of work for a week right away. I was poo-poo'd because, you know, Air Quality Tests cost money, and told to come back to them if I had symptoms.

That last convo I had with someone in an official capacity about the topic was this morning.

Right before I left for urgent care.

I think, come Monday, I win.

How bad, exactly, would it be to quit before I get my first check?


And, before I totally forgot, another one to add to that last post: I love how Playette sings and signs songs on the radio. It's super cute. But the one that's currently slaying me is a less-pop'y tune, her old standby fave. When she gets to the third line, she signs it like "Happy Birthday deer _________."

When those two hands go up to her head? Hilarious.

Not that I can laugh right now. Or cough. Or move.

Back to sleep I go.


Oh, and thank God, again, for ASL. It hurts to talk so I'm signing more. What's funny, too, is that BD had to use Playette as an interpreter this evening. I signed "hurt" and he was all, "huh? help?" so I finger spelled "H..." He says, "F?" Oh jeez.

My baby saved me.


Becca said...

Oh, yuck. I'm sorry you're so sick - hope it passes quickly! And glad BD got home when he did! Love that she signs "deer." That girl is adorable!

Me ;-) said...

I hope you feel better soon. As for the job thing, my motto is "Having a job that makes you miserable is just as bad as not having one at all."

Cate said...

he just assumed you were saying something that started with an F. which would be appropriate.

feel better soon, please.


Not a Perfect Mom said...

um wow..that sucks...
not exactly the words of encouragement you were looking for? sorry..

Anna said...

This ASL thing is awesome... but only if you have willing partners in crime!an F- ha ha ha. My husband looks at me blankly when out little one starts signing away. So so sorry you are sick. I have asthma so I know what you are going through. Please get well soon.