Friday, February 25, 2011


One of Playette's newest obsessions is this ragtag group of hooligans.

Ok, so maybe they are squeaky clean.

And I could probably really let them off the hook because they're all daggone near 30 years old.


For the last few weeks, Playette has been enjoying the show immensely. It's funny because I swore off High School Musical and I'm guessing this is pretty darn similar.

And I like it.

Don't judge me.

Playette picked the following up from them and it cracks me up.

It also makes getting ready for school very time consuming since every few seconds we have to "Pease!"

Also, check out how my daughter knows way more ASL than I do and I can barely follow what she's trying to tell me sometimes. She goes on these long signing tangents and I get all noddy and "Oh, really?"

Poor, forgetful mama.

Yeah, we're still working on toileting. The plastic pants are the hotness, aren't they?


Linda said...

She is so stinkin cute. Lila loves Fresh Beat Band too! : )

Lacia said...

Oh stinkin' cute is she!!!??!!! I love her little shuffle as she "goes".

And for the record, the sign she did while you nodded your head and smiled....I think it was I don't know. She did something with the sign know.

Karly said...

She's adorable. I wanna play! :)

(P.S. We have spent time rocking the elastic pants here too. All the rage, right?)

Michelle Z said...

I love her!! Squeeze her for me, okay!?

Jen said...

We went on a Fresh Beat Band bender last fall and I wanted to beat them all with very large sticks. Or do something violent. I don't know. They were just all so CHIPPER. And CHEERFUL. And BRIGHTLY COLORED. AND ANNOYING.

Wendy P said...

OMG, Kira LURVES "kiki, shout, fresh beat. kiki, shout, fresh beat, mama, kiki, shout, fresh beat mama...on the puler....pease"

M is so freakin' cute.

Molly said...

stoppppp. she is so cute I can't stand it! I love how the plastic pants rustle when she runs.