Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sometimes I want people - you know, those people - to have a kid with Ds so that they can finally get it. So that they can see that I'm no different from them. So they can understand what it feels like to want to protect your child with every fiber of your being. So they, too, can feel the pain that comes from the sting of ignorant words and can hope and pray, like I do, that their child never has to be the recipient of hateful slurs.

When they have that child, then they can step up and be an advocate and help me to help others to see the light that we see. Show them that it's not so hard to be decent. Show them that we feel the same love for our kids that anyone else would feel for theirs. Show them how our kids are so much more than the convenient butt of a tired joke.

But then...

I change my mind.


What if they don't change theirs?