Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I was just about to put Dez down for nap and stopped to change his diaper. Playette sat on the floor near my feet and was quiet for a moment. Then, she started saying some letters. I quickly realized that she was reading something off of one of the items I was using.


"Great job!" I said, taking every advantage to encourage her. "What does that spell?"

With every ounce of confidence and pride she possesses in her little body, she replied, matter-of-factly...



Jody Lynn said...

omg, too funny, worth the wait for the blog entry. LMAO.

Becca said...

Ohmygosh, too funny!!!! Love her. :-) Btw, Sammi and I were talking about the play the other day, and I asked her who we sat next to. She couldn't remember, so I said, did we sit next to **? She said, "Yes! She said 'shhhhh.'" hahaha - your girl cracks me up. :-)

Karly said...

Love it! My kid rewrites stories if she thinks they are not using the most appropriate word. For example she knows the word is "hen," but will insist on reading the whole book with the word "chicken" instead. She will read every other word correctly and tell you she knows the word is hen, but yeah. Chicken. Ha!