Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I can't apologize this time for not writing in so long because, in addition to just being overwhelmed with life, I made a decision. I've been battling for a long time over what to share and how and when. I've shared those feelings before in bits and pieces.

Also, as Playette gets older, do people even care about our little stories? Babies are cute, we all know that, and there's a new crop of 'em all the time, some of them even with extra chromosomes, and some of those with parents who blog. So why read here?

I'll continue to tell our story because of two things. Nothing innovative or particularly aha moment-y, but here goes:

1. I like to write.

2. We have a unique perspective being an African-American family who has a child with Down syndrome. (Look around you. Do you see many others on the web? No. Well, there you go. If you're not a minority, this may not make sense to you, but trust me...seeing someone who looks like you matters. Why do you think so many of us come away from Ds conferences feeling great? It's the same idea.)

So I will carve out time when I can and share what I feel comfortable sharing.

I hope that works for y'all.

School starts here soon. First grade. Can you believe it?!

I can't.

We've had an interesting summer here.

One filled with a beach trip and swim lessons and inclusive camp and birthday parties and therapy and medical appointments and Denver for the NDSC conference and volunteer work and ice cream and friends and family.

There was also a heavy dose of guilt for not handling the last half of the school year the way I probably should have. I've been taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen again. So what if it took me until this week to get to that item on my to-do list.

And then there has also been the additional yooge learning curve of balancing two children when the older one becomes insanely jealous because the younger one is starting to encroach upon the older one's ability space. In a nutshell, crawling and babbling was cool, but all this walking and talking stuff? No bueno.


And this is why I that I won't run away.


Let me leave you with two links that are meaningful to me today. Clicky-clicky and take action if you like.

A community united will achieve great things.


Only eight hours to go! Help fund Rachel and the Treeschoolers and get great swag.


ckbrylliant said...

Keep on Keepin on Mama. Your stories matter.

ckbrylliant said...

It's no easy task to pour your heart out to the sound of crickets. But the crickets don't matter much in the grand scheme. You are reaching people they are just not quite ready to use their own voice.

Laura B said...

Your stories and experiences no matter how much or little of an aha moment they are touch me in a way that's hard to describe. You have opened up my mind and made me aware of things I never would have considered. I've realized since first reading your blog why throwing out the "R" word for things that are dumb is not appropriate at all. When I catch myself about to use it, my mind flashes to you and all that I have Learned from you through your stories, and I stop and choose another word to use. If it weren't for you I would still be throwing that word around like it meant nothing. We have definitely all grown up since KP, we may have thought we knew it all after going out to sea and seeing the world but motherhood has definitely taught me a thing or two!