Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seriously Stubborn

I'm realizing that it's difficult for some people to believe that I'm still pregnant.

But I am. 41 +1.

So I asked BD to take this photo of me yesterday as we were on our way in to my appointment to check on how our newbie is doing.

Apparently, he's just fine. He rocked the ultrasound and non-stress test. The only "issue" is that he's measuring big. I know it's just a guesstimate and all, but petite mama + big, comfy boy that doesn't appear to have any immediate plans to introduce himself brought out some concerns amongst my medical support staff.

That made yesterday a tad bit stressful for me.

Today is better. I have smart and caring friends that are earning their keep with reassurance and confidence in me.

And, also, I'm healthy. Doing great, in fact. No complaints other than the stuff that's par for the course at this point in any pregnancy. I still fit my wedding rings. I'm actually begging for some discomfort of the labor variety.

I still have every hope that Dez will come and greet us on his own, but if not, the interventions begin on Sunday night. Boo.

Just hope for the best, 'k?


Becca said...

You look amazing!! It's funny, I have a local friend, mother to one child, a 5-yr. old girl with Ds, due next week with her 2nd child, a boy. :-)

Good luck!!

krlr said...

You know I'm counting the hours!

Karly said...

When my boy was overdue my MW would come to see me every few days and would say that I looked to comfortable to have a baby that day. Looking at that picture, I would say you are looking too comfortable as well. Random: Do you swim at all? I swear what made things happen (despite two membrane sweeps that didn't work) is taking a swim. My MW recommended it. You can use a kick board (or whatever) to keep your belly down (which is easier than kneeling on dry land, fo sho) while you float. That position is a good one for encouraging them to rotate with their head facing your spine (which is the one you want them in for labor, rather than face up...ouch!). Best wishes!