Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Short and Sweet

I am too tired to type. Most times, I am too bored with myself to even think.

When I do read, I get all crotchety about the internet and what it has done to our culture, akin to how my great-grandmother felt about indoor plumbing.

And no one wants to hear that, right?

I have quite the low tolerance level these days.

And I still don't think it's pregnancy hormones. I'm probably just not that nice of a person.

I hope it passes.

Shoot, it's too nice outside to stay mean forever.

Something I can be grateful for today: apparently, Playette's school is having pity on me at the moment and not requiring me to pick her up for being 0.1 over the temperature limit. They called, but then called back a few minutes later and said that they'd try her again in a bit to make sure that it really is pick-up worthy.

I really must have looked like crap when I dropped her off this morning.

She's been very fortunate this year in the sick department. All over, families have been dealing with nastiness all "winter" and we've, thankfully, been passed over. Not that it makes us special or anything. I really have no idea where my kid got this immune system, but I accept.

If anyone has any questions for me about anything, let me know. Obviously, I'm lacking in creativity. I'd welcome any excuse to write and become a more productive member of society.


Becca said...

Awwww, you're not mean. :-) And you know what? You can be as cranky as you want to be, whenever you want to be. I just wish I was brave enough to tell people when I am instead of feeling like I have to pretend I'm not. LOL

So glad to hear the winter yuck has passed Playette by. Sammi also has (knock on wood) her mother's constitution and immune system, thankfully.

Happy spring!

Anonymous said...

There are alot of people who love you - just sit tight. Every once in a while I feel the same way....my husband says facebook has ruined all humanity and decency and in those moments I usually just laugh it off, let's not take it too seriously...but remember there is a niche that loves your story, even when you find your low points - don't we all have the same moments. You are just brave enough to publish!

krlr said...

Productive? You're growing a BABY! You should be lounging while people feed you grapes - or biscuits & gravy - whatever works for ya.

Me said...

I'm mean and crotchety too, and have no pregnancy hormones to blame it on. Let's be mean and crotchety together. I turned 40 a few days ago (big *gasp*. I'm still 18 in my brain) and that made me extra crotchety since it ended up being basically just "another day". I'm still bitter.