Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music Class Trial

I must admit, the class was great! I really enjoyed it and so did Playette. Her two close friends were in there with her, too, which made it even better.

Another thing I noticed, because I do tend to look for these things, was that neither the other parents nor the teacher seemed phased by having a kid with Ds in the class. Shoot, let alone three! Not that I think they should, happens. Often enough that I am aware to look for it.

The kids in the class? Kids are great. They don't care. Inclusion comes natural to them. People have to be taught to be jerks.

I feel much better about the girls not having 'asstics (heh) anymore and I do believe that I'll sign up and make this music thing official next week.

They start the kids (3-5 years old) with singing several songs each class. Yesterday, it was the US presidents and states and capitals.

Let's just say that I was reminded of how much I've forgotten over the years.

Our homework: "Washington, Adams, Jeff-er-soonnn..."

They went on to play a game that taught them the difference between the musical terms "piano" and "forte."

Next, they watched a couple of videos of people playing the trombone.

Trombone Shorty


They discussed the styles of music of those artists and how they differered.

And then?

They all freakin' practiced playing a trombone!


But they weren't done.

They learned how to find "D" on the keyboard. (I had no idea it was the white key between a pair of black keys.)

They played another game that taught them about the types of notes - quarter, half, whole, dotted, etc.

Mixed in was a song that taught the Preamble to the Constitution.

And the kids were having fun the entire time!


Of course my little was playing shy for some of it, but that'll pass, I'm sure.'s $3 cheaper per month than 'asstics. Win-win.



Becca said...

Cutest. Freaking. Video. EVER.

Wish I could get Sammi to not be shy in groups. Drives me batty. This music class sounds FANTASTIC!!!

Anna said...

So so glad you are finding a good fit.Sounds like so much fun! Our private dance class was turned into a "mommy and me" class this week because two other little ones were looking for dance lessons but werent ready to join in on the lowest level. I was sad to share the teacher but it will be good for our little one to learn how to behave in a group setting and we need to make forward progress. Its hard. (one of the two year olds started crying when she saw Lil G asking "whats wrong with her and what does she have." meaning her thick glasses. It took me off guard. Didnt phase lil G tho. We shall see how this next week goes. Cant wait for your update next week too!